1. Join the Amazon30 Gin Club

Only £30 per month

Subscribe to the Amazon30 Gin Club members club and receive a full bottle of gin each month. What is different about our subscription (apart from it being over £10 cheaper than other clubs!) is that you can choose which bottle you want from a collection of 30 of the best gins currently on Amazon, or you can choose to receive a surprise bottle that we choose for you.

2. Visit the members store on Amazon

Average price of gins available £40

Our Amazon store is the go to place to find a collection of 30 great gins that we update each month to reflect the best gin available.

The gins range in value and are often priced differently by each online shop that sells the gin on Amazon, the average price of the gins is around £40. However, you don't need to worry about the price of each of the gins as your membership means you get any of the gins for £30.

3. Email us your choice of gin each month

Choose before the 6th of each month or receive our recommended gin

Once you have browsed the list of 30 gins on the Amazon members store and chosen a gin, simply email us at info@fridaynightginclub.com with your choice and we will get the bottle sent out to you. Choose one bottle each month and it will be sent a few days after your monthly payment is taken. You can email us at anytime with your choice.

If you decide not to choose a specific bottle then we will send you our recommended bottle on the 6th of the month (payments are taken on the 1st of the month).